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Hacking is building things that you always wanted to have but no one has built it yet. It's to come up with an amazing idea and work tirelessly on it.

With that spirit, Computer Society of India - Ramrao Adik Institute of Technology (CSI - RAIT) brings to you our annual national level hackathon BitCamp 2019.

BitCamp is a 24 hours hackathon which is a perfect opportunity for developers to start new ventures and develop skills on their own. We want to turn your ideas into reality and we want you to experiment with new technologies, challenge yourself to bring out the best in you.

Coding is fun, Creating New things is fun & that is why BitCamp is all about having Fun.

So put the pedal to the metal, gear up and show us the depths of your innovation by submitting ideas with respect to the themes listed below. Register now with your team members and we will do the rest to make this a memorable event.

Please read all the Rules and FAQs before you register.

All the best!!



  • The hints mentioned in the themes are examples of problems within that theme that you can tackle/ try to solve with your idea.
  • The participants are free to identify their own problems within a particular theme and submit ideas which provide a solution to the identified problem.
  • A team is supposed to submit only one idea in any one of the six themes mentioned below.
Smart City

The conception of the “smart city” has been gaining a lot of attention these days. It refers to efficient management and economic growth of urban areas with the help of technology whose use cases can range anywhere from from city-wide public wifi systems to the efficient parking managers. Mostly, smart city programmes combine Information Technology with Internet-connected devices to come up with solutions for municipality management. Despite the limitless benefits of smart city projects, there are some challenges that come up when it comes to deployment. Most of them are related to interoperability, funding, business models, legislation and policies, existing infrastructure for existing water, transportation and energy systems, digital security and lack of clarity around benefits. Submit ideas that will help in solving the above mentioned(or other issues) that will not only solve issues of smart cities but also give masses clarity around benefits.


  • Platform for creating awareness among citizens regarding schemes and policies undertaken in cities with real time information.
  • Efficient parking system with proper space utilization solving the crisis of overload of cars.
  • A system for efficient and secure digital transactions that make day to day buying easier.
  • System to lower crime rates along with identification and reporting of crime prone areas.
  • Real time crowd tracking to identify crowded areas so that proper measures can be taken for crowd control.

FinTech in Insurance Industry

FinTech stands for Financial Technologies, applied in the financial services sector. The insurance industry is probably the most slowly growing financial sector despite the large populus and investment in stocks by insurance companies. Data and transaction security along with meeting up with promised returns is the crux of any insurance industry in the financial market. Coming up with full proof and efficient solutions that are customer oriented and keep up with the dynamisms of the market are the need of the hour. With large amounts of data on customers and markets and steadfast trading done, technology can be used to make these tasks easier and secure. Submit your ideas on how you can use technology to help the insurance industry become more secure, transparent and user centric in the financial market.


  • System for better data management of customers and personalized schemes based on the customer profile.
  • Bridging the gap between the company and other financial institutions for faster collaboration and services.
  • Improvisation of legacy systems that are still in use which hamper the overall efficiency.
  • Automated investment system to eliminate middleman like brokers and agents.
  • System that makes the investments of the company transparent and non-repudiable, eliminating scams and frauds done using customer money.
  • Data visualization and analysis to predict market rise and fall aiding in investment.
  • Secure transaction method to reduce losses in transactions.


Health maintenance technologies have seen an exponential rise in the recent years. However, there is still a lot of room for improvement, especially when bridging the gap between these services and the common folk. State of the art services are of no use if they aren’t timely or if the people cannot access them properly. Smart innovations will add an edge to such healthcare services. Image processing for gaining insights on inner body, analysis of disease trends, fast emergency services, symptom classification for easy identification of anomalies, etc can benefit the population. Submit ideas on how you can solve any existing problem or use technology to improve healthcare and its services in our country.


  • Efficient response system in case of emergency.
  • Epidemic analysis through data visualization and local insights.
  • Smart drug availability system for buying medicines at reduced effort.
  • Blood bank management and real time provision to hospitals and clinics.
  • Supply chain of drugs to reduce fraudulent transactions and identify counterfeit medicines.
  • Patient movement monitoring and pattern tracking for advanced diagnosis.

Social Welfare

The society is plagued with issues ranging from inaccessible education, improper healthcare services and substandard livelihood of people in remote villages and slums. In order to help the society thrive and increase the overall standard of living , there are many NGOs, government institutions and societal groups that are working to achieve this task. The advent of technology and innovation has opened up new avenues to improve the societal conditions and help in such development/welfare schemes. Submit your ideas on how you can use technology for the welfare of the society.


  • Platform/portal for people to share ideas and projects, governed by upvote/credit system and sufficient popularity can bring to notice of necessary authorities.
  • System to keep track of a NGO’s activities including donations, fundraising, resource management with logistic support.
  • Preservation of local culture, knowledge and history and creating a system to make it accessible for current and future generations.
  • Platform for event organizing and coordinating with necessary individuals/groups to ensure smooth execution at all stages.
  • Help people overcome stress, anxiety and depression.
  • Increase Women safety and help battle other social evils.


A lot of farmers in our country have acres of land that they need to manage. Sometimes, it gets difficult for him/her to inspect each and every nook and corner of the farmland. Also, managing schedule for other steps such as composting, planting, watering, weeding and harvesting gets confusing when done manually. In this solution we expect you to come up with ideas that will help farmers solve their problems related to agriculture.


  • You can bring in automation in the field of farming to make such tasks easier. Using an android application, they can manage and schedule various farming activities like irrigation, weeding and fertilization.
  • Help farmer monitor his farm for real-time identification of crops, weeds, diseases and pest damage and nutrient deficiency symptoms.
  • Find a solution to give them an insight regarding various soil parameters like moisture, texture, permeability, salinity, etc.

Environmental Awareness

Over the past few years, the environment has changed a lot and well, the change hasn’t been for the better. Pollution, water scarcity and overpopulation are some of the major threats to public health. When you put your trash in a trash can, it either goes in landfills or in environmental habitats and the ocean. This is not only a threat to humans but also other creatures. There are countless scenarios here. In this problem statement we expect you to come up with a solution that will help in protection of our planet in some or the other way.


  • Online forums and grievance reporting platform moderated by people to bring important environmental concerns and exploitations to the notice of concerned experts and government authorities.
  • Try to prevent mistreatment of ocean water.
  • Using technologies like Cloud. Bigdata or efficient algorithms you can come up with a solution to optimize public transport services.
  • Using a document management system or e-signature, come up with a solution to curb usage of papers in offices and other institutions.
  • Efficient car pooling among the citizens with incentives to reduce carbon footprint.


Main Prizes
Top Three Teams to be Awarded Cash Prizes (3)

Three Special Prizes:

  • Most Efficient Solution
  • Most Innovative Solution
  • Best Design

Software Licenses & GiveAways worth upto Rs.6 Lacs/- to be distributed after the Hackathon.

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